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Albrecht Dürer ‘Self-Portrait’

Albrecht Dürer‘s Self-Portrait was painted in the year 1500 with oil on wood panel in Nürnberg,    Germany. Albrecht Dürer was 28 old at that time and wrote an inscription which says: ‘Thus I, Albrecht Dürer from Nuremburg, painted myself with indelible colors at the age of 28 years.’

Although he painted himself very Christ-like in this picture, it was not a gesture of blasphemy. He probably thought that he looked like Jesus and considered that God had created man in his own image and figured that therefore artistic talent ultimately comes from God.  Even if he was a Roman Catholic he was a humanist and showed interest in Martin Luther’s ideas. “Dürer wrote of his desire to draw Luther in his diary in 1520: “And God help me that I may go to Dr. Martin Luther; thus I intend to make a portrait of him with great care and engrave him on a copper plate to create a lasting memorial of the Christian man who helped me overcome so many difficulties.” ” (Wikipedia)

I found this Portrait fascinating because it is very expressive. What I enjoyed most were his eyes. They look very realistic, honest and somewhat melancholic. I also liked how he tries to look very earnest on this picture but there is still an innocent smirk on his mouth, which reminds me a little bit at Mona Lisa’s innocent smile. The only detail I did not like in this picture was is his hand. I tried to put my hand in the same position, but it was difficult to do it without getting a cramp.

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