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I enjoy impressionism more than I did the visual arts so far, I like especially post-impressionism. Works from Vincent van Gogh give me chills and inspire my imagination. My favorite painting from van Gogh is Starry Night. He painted Starry Night while in an Asylum at Saint-Remy in 1889. Apparently van Gogh did not like this picture too much. It would be interesting to know why, since I consider this as one of his best works. "Starry Night"

Another amazing Impressionistic painting is Pyramids at Port-Coton, Rough Sea painted by Claude Monet 1886 on the island of Belle Ile, at the Atlantic coast of France. He wrote to his friend the painter Caillebotte “I am in a wonderfully wild place amongst a heap of terrible rocks and an unbelievably colored sea.” 

I like Impressionism, because it was focusing on the modern world, rather than focusing on religious subject matter such as during the Renaissance, Classical or Baroque era. Maybe I like impressionism so much because it was considered different and was not liked at the time. The painters were considered radical, but
the Impressionists were actually less radical than they were perceived as being. They simply were expressing their deep understanding of the history of painting without all the dross which the academics had decided to load it down with.

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  1. I agree with you I liked Impressionism as well because it was different. I also liked the picture you displayed, it shows creativity and tells the artists story. Good description of both paintings as well!

    April 2, 2011 at 4:53 am

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